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Our Farm Shop

Our farm shop is part of our outreach program to engage the community and increase affordability and access to local food. We carry products from all our local purveyors, check them out here!

Aside from the variety of fresh, local fruits and vegetables we also carry an assortment of preserved and bulk goods! Check out the categories below to get an idea of what you can find on our shelves:

Eggs And Dairy:

Ricotta Cheese from Long Dream Farm

Greek Style Yogurt from Long Dream Farm

Fromage Blanc from Long Dream Farm

An assortment of cheeses – most often Purple Haze (Cypress Grove), Red Hawk and Mt Tam (Cowgirl Creamery)

Cheese and Butter from Spring Hill

Eggs by the dozen from Local Yolk and Back to Basics

Milk and Chocolate Milk from Sand Hill Dairy

Ice Cream (pints) from Long Dream Farm


Italian Sausage from AM Ranch

Beef from Baker Ranch

Bacon from The Ham Stand Salumeria

Bratwurst from The Ham Stand Salumeria

Preserves & Canned Goods:

Herbes de Provence Olives, Kalamata Olives with Sea Salt, Sevillano with Sea Salt from Good Faith Farm

Kimchi from Cecelia’s Garden

Kimchi from Local Culture Live Ferments

Smooth Almond Butter from Maisie Jane’s

Pistachio Butter from ?

Jams and Marmalades from Cecelia’s Gardens

Tahoe Heat and Serrano Ketchup from Lake Tahoe Sauce Company

Pickle Varieties from Nevada Brining Company

Honey from Al’s Bees

Elixers and Syrups from Elevated Essentials

Tinctures, Tonics and Salves from Therapeutic Chef

Enchilada and Barbeque Sauces from Small Batch Sauce Company

Honey Varieties from Blue Sage Honey

Olive Oil and Vinegar Varieties from Calolea

Mustards and Tapenades from ?

Ghee from ?

Pesto and Vegan Marinara Sauce from Pasta Queen

A variety of Ravioli from Pasta Queen

Egg Pappardelle from Pasta Queen

Vinaigrette from Two English Ladies

Dry Goods:

Walnuts from Salle Orchards

Sliced Almonds from Maisie Jane’s

Wheat Flour from Early Bird Farms

Polenta & Cornmeal from Early Bird Farms

Pancake Mix from Early Bird Farms

Scone Mixes from Two English Ladies

Granola from Little Apple Treats

Dehydrated Mushroom mixes and Soup Stock Mixes from Blüm and Brü Broths

Spice Mixes from Nevada Brining Company

Organic Sushi Rice, White Basmati Rice, Organic Brown Calrose Rice, Organic White Calrose Rice from Rue & Forsman Ranch




Black Turtle Beans

Dried Fruits from Salle Orchards

Pistachios from ?


Shortbread Cookies from Two English Ladies

Loose Leaf Teas from Tahoe Teas

Loose Leaf Teas from Two English Ladies

Chai Concentrate from North Fork Chai Company

Whole Bean Coffee from Twisted Tree Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee from Pacific Crest Coffee Company

Whole Bean Coffee from Sierra Pacific Coffee


Goat Milk Lotion and Soap from Jollity Farm