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Harvest To Order

Build your own veggie box filled with
seasonal produce and products from local farms!


Harvest to Order is an online farmers market. H2O is now on its summer market schedule which opens Tuesday at 5pm and closes Wednesday at 12pm. Farmers “harvest to order” on Thursdays and pick-up is Friday between 12-8pm at the tahoe Food Hub warehouse  over by the Truckee Airport off Soaring Way.

With Harvest to Order, consumers can choose between a big or small  Harvest Box. A Big Box costs $30 and feeds 3-4 people and a Small Box costs $20 and feeds 1-2 people. Tahoe Food Hub curates a box filled with fresh, seasonal and sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables from local farms. From there, customers can add on a grocer list of pasture-raised meats, eggs and other specialty products. If people do not want to get a Harvest Box, they can just shop for the meats, dairy and other specialty goods. You do NOT need to order a Harvest Box to participate in the Harvest to Order market.

Harvest to Order builds on Tahoe Food Hub’s mission is to increase access to local food for North Lake Tahoe and provide new market opportunities for family farms. H2O helps busy families and visitors to the area plan ahead and have local food ready for pick-up. Tahoe Food Hub works with over 50 farms and ranchers in the Sierra Foothills and Northern Nevada. With Harvest to Order, registered users order exactly what they want on a week to week basis. Local farmers “harvest to order” and Tahoe Food Hub has it ready for pick up at our retail location and Farm Shop next to the Truckee-Tahoe Airport.

Harvest to Order provides the ease of a traditional CSA box (Community Supported Agriculture) without the seasonal commitment or upfront costs. Members can skip weeks and only pay when an order is placed. What makes Harvest to Order stand out is how fresh it is. Farmers literally “harvest to order.” Members can opt to get a Harvest Box or not and still stay in budget to add on pasture-raised meats, dairy, eggs and other specialty products like salsa, grain, oil and more.


Harvest to order is available year-round! In the summer, it is a great alternative when it’s not convenient to make it to the farmers market! When there’s no farmers market in winter, H2O provides easy access to local, seasonal food. H2O is great for visitors who want local, fresh food when traveling. Once registered, members receive an email when the market opens and outlines what is fresh and in season each week.

For the summer season the online farmers market opens at 5 pm on Tuesdays and closes at 12pm Wednesday. Farmers “harvest order” on Thursdays. The Tahoe Food Hub picks up the same day and gets orders ready for pick-up on Friday between 12-8pm. You pick the time that is convenient for you!  Currently all pickups are curb-side for safety during the Covid-10 guidelines. Find us by the Truckee Airport at the crossroads of Aviation Way and Soaring Way next to the Truckee Roundhouse – 12116 Chandelle Way, Truckee, CA 


It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Create an account: https://tahoefoodhubh2o.localorbit.com/
(there is no obligation to order if you have an account. Just means you have the option!)
2. Place an order online and pay with your credit card
3. Pick-up curbside at the Farm Shop on Fridays, 2-7pm and Saturday 9am-1pm

If you have questions, contact marissa@tahoefoodhub.org,  802-582-6489 or susie@tahoefoodhub.org, 805-889-3587

Tips for setting-up your H2O account:

  1. For the “Organization name” field, use your first and last name
  2. For the “Contact Name” field, use your first and last name again
  3. For the “Address Label” field, use your first and last name again
  4. If you are requesting to have your order delivered to one of our Pick-up Locations, put the name of the drop-spot in front of your name separated by a hyphen, i.e. Alpine Market – Jane Doe
  5. For the “Business Name” field, choose “individual
  6. You can leave the field empty for “Professional Organization Membership”