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Farm Finances, Marketing & Business Management

Resources that will help you work on your business in addition to working in your business.

The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook by Richard Wiswall
A book that offers strategies for farming smarter, not harder. Topics covered include recordkeeping, market planning and crop analysis (including crop budget spreadsheets).

Growing Farms Podcast
This podcast by farmer John Suscovich of Camps Road Farm covers all things relevant to running a successful market farm. Great listening for while you’re weeding.

Foothill Farming Financial Resources (Placer-Nevada Cooperative Extension)
A list of farm funding sources, including loans and grants.

Foothill Farming Marketing Resources (Placer-Nevada Cooperative Extension)
A list of marketing associations and farmers’ market contacts for Placer and Nevada Counties.

This organization works to help small and medium-scale farms to be viable, ecologically-minded, and happy in their vocation.

Farm Commons
A non-profit organization that provides farmers with practical legal education through webinars, sample documents, blog posts and one-on-one assistance.

Crowdfunding – Loans

Kiva Zip
A peer-to-peer crowdfunding style lending platform that offers 0% interest loans to small businesses. The Tahoe Food Hub is a Kiva Zip trustee, so contact us if you’re interested in pursuing a loan. 

Crowdfunding – You Keep the $$$

From healthy and artisanal foods to community kitchens and organic farms, this crowdfunding platform puts its collective support behind food system innovators in order to create a healthy food future.

We the Trees
A permaculture-based crowdfunding site designed to support projects that create environmental, social and educational change.

Crowdfunding sites that aren’t specific to food and farming: Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Rockethub