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Sunset Ridge Fine Fruits


Newcastle, CA

Farmers: Greg and Sherry Lewis


Sunset Ridge Fine Fruits is a family owned and operated citrus orchard.  Out 20-acre ranch is located 30 miles east of Sacramento, CA atop the foothills o the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  We planted 2,000 Satsuma Owari Mandarin trees in the year 2000.  In addition to these trees, we have 250 Tango mandarins, 100 Navel oranges, 50 Minneola tangelos, 30 pomegranates, peaches, apricots, plums, and cherries.  We live in and on our orchard, a beautiful ridge top with a 150-mile view of the upper Sacramento Valley with awesome sunsets!  The combination of warm days, cool nights, and fertile soil provides an ideal climate to grow quality mandarin oranges.

Our Farm practices are organic in belief and methodology, however we are not certified organic.  We use no pesticides, weed killers, or synthetic fertilizers.  We use mowing, weed eating, and hand labor to deal with weeds.  We use compost and OMRI approved materials for fertilizer, and have recently added a compost tea brewer!