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Sinclair Family Farm

Penryn, CA

Farmers: Karin and Keith Sinclair


Since 1992, Karin and Keith Sinclair, along with their children, have lived in Placer County. In 1998 their daughter’s choice for her 4H project got the family involved with producing sheep.

Keith grew up in Sacramento County and raised cattle. Karin grew up in El Dorado County and had horses. At first, the sheep were a little unknown but they soon became a family owned and operated business! They still have their original breed of Registered Dorset sheep, and have added some Hampshire breeding, along with a commercial flock of Cheviot sheep and Dorper sheep.  We have recently added Corriedale sheep to our mix,  with some of the best wool in years.  The cattle are mainly Angus, with Herefords being added in 2010.  In August 2009 they purchased CC Family Farms and began their adventure with eggs.  Starting with the original 450 laying hens, they have added layers to the flock and have also added meat birds.  When big enough, the young birds head out to the pasture to graze.  Pasture raised pork was added in  2011 to help fill a void in the local area.