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Shared Abundance Organic Farm



Auburn, CA

Farmer: Ruthanne Jahoda


Shared Abundance Farm is a certified organic farm by Oregon Tilth. No synthetic chemicals are ever used in our production practices. Growing wholesome food in living soil is our goal. We increase soil fertility by using compost, cover crops, worms, natural minerals, kelp and alfalfa meal, as well as year to year crop rotations. The diversified landscape and native species help to attract beneficial insects into the farm ecosystem which feed on harmful pests, and help pollinate the crops. Mulch is used to control weeds, retain moisture and reduce soil erosion on the sloping terrain. Grants from the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) have been a great support in helping the farm increase fertility practices. Everything is important, everything is connected, all the processes have their effects and reverberations.

Ruthanne Jahoda created Shared Abundance Organic Farm in 1997 as a place of healing. Her original vision was a place where young people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse could be inspired by the beauty of nature, nourishment of pure food and balancing effects of hard work and simple living. It soon became clear that the land had something different in mind. It was in working the land, and in particular Ruthanne’s determination to co-create with the Earth rather than work it through her will and drive that kindled the desire to focus on farming. The inseparable relationship between the vitality of the soil, the energy of the plants and the taste and fragrance of the fresh ripe food made the viability of farming a clear direction.

Primary crops: Over the years fruit trees, flowers and table grapes, herbs, and garlic were all planted. Today, the farm produces a bounty of vibrant and nutrient-rich food year-round, from the winter crop of kiwi fruit, to greens in the spring and a diverse array of summer and fall vegetables, and sprouts.