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Riverhill Farm


Nevada City, CA

Farmer: Alan Haight and Jo McProud


Established 2001, 12 acres, certified organic by CCOF. Riverhill Farm had its start in 2001. Thanks to tremendous support for our endeavors from our community, today our farm produces a diverse mix of organic vegetables and fruits on ten acres, including many heirloom and specialty varieties.

The farm owners are Alan Haight and Jo McProud. While on any given day of the week you will find us hard at work in the fields, we are rarely working alone. What our customers have come to appreciate about the farm would not be possible without the daily work of our employees. We are fortunate to be helped by individuals with extraordinary cheerfulness, dedication and a willingness to work hard under demanding conditions, and a dedication to adding their own efforts to making the world a better place for all, both on the farm and off.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve our community with the highest quality, freshest and tastiest produce. We are endeavoring to build and maintain a farm that will serve this community for generations to come.

We strive in our farming practices to balance production that will make Riverhill Farm an economically viable farm with maintaining and enhancing the natural environment in which the farm exists. Our production system includes growing and marketing over 30 different crops; annual crop rotation; using fall-planted cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; a fertilization and soil building regime that seeks to provide the best possible basis for healthy plants, healthy food and a healthy environment; practicing a diversified marketing strategy; drip irrigation for water conservation; and planting and maintaining habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife.