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The Pasta Queen

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Gold River, CA

Producer: Susan Korec

Freshly made Ready to Make pasta and ravioli. Our pasta and fillings are prepared with the freshest, local ingredients that honors Italian food traditions of freshness and simplicity.

Fresh pasta is our passion! Our fresh pasta and ravioli is locally produced using no preservatives and are prepared with the freshest ingredients. We believe blending local ingredients with time-tested recipes results in products that honor the Italian food traditions of freshness and simplicity. Our pasta is available as freshly made “take & make” so you can enjoy fresh, gourmet pasta in minutes when you want it!

Our recipes are tried & true, and with so many delicious kinds of pasta and ravioli fillings to choose from, it’s easy to please anyone’s taste or dietary needs such as vegan or gluten free. Our ready-to-make pasta products offer a unique, in-home, gourmet dining experience. Pick from a variety of different flavors of fresh pasta and ravioli then match our fresh, handmade sauce or compound butters for a quick, simple gourmet dinner for two, four, or your next big event!

We hope you enjoy and buon appetito!