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Jollity Farm

Garden Valley, CA

Farmers: Charley


Award Winning Farmstead Cheese. HAND MADE IN EL DORADO COUNTY
What makes Jollity Farm cheese so special? It is truly a farmstead cheese.
Charley knows each of his girls by name. He cares for them. He milks them. He makes the cheese by hand in small batches. He even hand packs each container.

Farmstead cheese is produced from the milk collected on the same farm where the cheese is produced. Unlike artisan cheese, which may also include milk purchased and transported from off-farm sources, farmstead cheese makers only use milk from animals they raise. As a result, the cheeses produced often have unique flavors owing to the farm’s local terroir.Jollity Farm Feta is a California State Fair Cheese Competition Gold Medal winner. Charley’s Chevre has repeatedly won Silver.