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Hillview Farms


Auburn, CA

Farmer: Michael and Shanon Whamond


Hillview Farms is a small neighborhood farm nestled within the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the town of Auburn, CA. We grow vegetables for three important reasons. Firstly, we want to bring together our small community through an appreciation of local food. Secondly, we believe in doing our part to leave the world a little better than we found it. Last but not least, we love cooking with organic veggies (try for yourself and you’ll never go back)! For us farming just makes sense, and we are so happy to have found something that we love to do that we can share with all of you! We believe stongly in the simple idea that heathy soils = healthy families = healthy communities, and we work hard to ensure that our soils yield the very best quality produce for our community to enjoy. Our produce is available at numerous farmers markets and restaurants within the Placer County area, as well as at our very own farm stand which enables us to directly connect the community to the very land that their produce is grown on.