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Flying V Farm

Placerville, CA

Farmers: Cody, Grayson and Lucy


Flying V Farm is a worker-owned cooperative farm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Together, we work to produce food in a way that nourishes our community, stewards the land and empowers workers. Through the success of our business, we strive to advance worker-ownership in agriculture in order to build a more socially and ecologically just rural economy.
Our founding members, Cody Curtis, Grayson Curtis and Lucy O’Dea formed a steering committee in 2016 that set out to create a business model that is owned and operated by the workers themselves. We operate in a cooperative governance structure, which means that all worker-owners have equal ownership in the business. Within this structure, we designate management roles and strive for a productive, balanced, and respectful work environment.
We provide high-quality, reliable produce to our local and regional community. Please contact us if you are interested in buying from us, hearing about our farming and business practices, or just want to chat about sustainable farming!