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Calolea Olive Oil

kellersLoma Rica, CA

Farmer: Monica and Michael Keller



In 1999, Monica and Michael Keller bought 10 acres in Loma Rica, California, and started Calolea Olive Oil. The first year they produced just 80 gallons of oil, but their timing was perfect as Californians were hungry for quality olive oil.

Calolea’s hand crafted olive oil has been certified “extra virgin” by the COOC and has an acidity level of 0.13%. The olives on the Keller’s 100 year old Mission and Manzanillo trees are hand picked, custom milled and cold pressed within 24 hours to create the highest quality oil possible.

In 2008 Calolea received the BEST IN SHOW award at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition, the highest award given at the competition. In 2004, 2005, and 2006, Calolea received the  BEST IN CLASS award, and Calolea continues to rack up prestigious awards every year.