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First Rain Farm


Nevada City, CA

Farmer: Tim Van Wagner


Established 2012, 37 acres, certified organic by CCOF. After farming for four years at the Wet Hill farm site and Bluebird Farm at the Jacobson Dude Ranch, Tim was given the chance to farm his own land. But not land he owns. Tim, like many new farmers, is leasing land from landowners. Access to land and the money to buy it is one of the biggest barriers to young farmers. But one of the biggest opportunities in this country is the available agricultural land that just needs a farmer to put it into food production. Tim is deeply grateful for the partnership he shares with his property owners, Alan Seim and Dale and Diane Jacobson. This land has an agricultural history dating back to the gold rush when miners from all over the world were flocking to the banks of Rock Creek and Brush Creek (1/4 mile of Brush Creek goes through the farm). Tim has a thriving agroecosystem with a dairy cow, chickens and pigs for his own consumption and a diverse array of crops that he sells at area farmers’ markets, local grocers and restaurants.

Primary crops: beets, carrots, chard, collard greens, kale, summer squash, cabbage, salad turnips, lettuce