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Dome Raising Project


The DOME RAISING PROJECT’S goal is to increase food security in the High Sierra by helping residents of Lake Tahoe acquire a Growing Dome for their school, business or home.

A Growing Dome is a geodesic greenhouse which is designed for 4-season growing especially suited for winter climates. The only reason we can’t grow year-round in the High Sierra is because of the cold and snow. But a Growing Dome enables places like the Sierra to harness the sun’s energy just as if we were in the Sierra Foothills. By demonstrating the ability to grow food year-round in a mountain climate, Tahoe can directly impact its food security.


The Dome Raising Project is focused on “raising” domes…RAISING awareness for good nutrition, RAISING an understanding for eco-literacy, and RAISING healthy, sustainable grown food in our food insecure region. By raising domes, we raise a deeper connection and respect for our food and our human ecosystem.

The Growing Dome is a kit manufactured in Pagosa Springs, CO by Growing Spaces. The dome’s unique geodesic shape allows for even sun exposure and polycarbonate, 16ml panels diffuse the light for an optimum, growing

environment. A combination of features naturally heat and cool the dome including a water tank that acts as a thermal battery, under-soil heating pipes to keep the soil warm, solar activated vents to keep it cool and insulated walls and foundation. The dome accommodates several raised beds for growing vegetables and the water tank doubles as an aquaponics system whereby fish provide nutrients to the water and the water is then used to grow soil-less plants on a trellis above the tank.

Interested in a Growing Dome for your school , business or backyard, contact us and we can tell you all about it. You can learn more by visiting growingspaces.com

ribbon cutting_2SIERRA HOUSE – South Lake Tahoe Unified School District    
Our partners at Sierra House Elementary in South Lake Tahoe, CA built the two first educational Growing Domes in the Lake Tahoe area. They built two 15ft domes and were completed in November 2014. The domes are being integrated into school curriculum and  students are learning through growing. Tahoe Food Hub is working with other area school districts to evaluate Growing Domes as possible garden classrooms for their students as well. If you are interested in learning more or helping to bring Growing Domes to your Tahoe school, please reach us at our contact page.