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Word of the Day: Agtivist


I have a new favorite word…”Agtivist!” Saw it on Grist.org the other day. They have a whole series profiling different food activists. If the Oxford Dictionary can select “Unfriend” as the 2009 Word of the Year, then Agtivist must have a chance. Usually you see folks like Michael Pollan and Alice Waters gracing these Top 10 charts but many were people I had never heard of before. Before they became famous, Michael and Alice were once regular people doing great things in their community. Those are the stories we need to celebrate!

Have had food crusaders on the brain lately. One of our very own was recently recognized for his contribution, Maurice Small. He will be awarded the Rodale Institute “Organic Pioneer Award” on September 16th. Maurice, came up with the design of the City Fresh CSA program in Cleveland. The farm I am working on supplies food to City Fresh.  I would love to hear who your favorite foodies are. Could be your mom for what she taught you about food, the guy at the nursery who is loaded with good gardening tips, the produce manager at your grocery store or perhaps your farmer. Whoever he/she is, send a quick comment below with a name and a short reason why. Com’on…Pretty please! Thanks!