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Weed Yourself to Happiness!


Thursday was my last day working at George Jones Memorial Farm. I’m sad to miss the rest of the growing season and the birth of the farm cat’s kittens but this Saturday’s event is something I will miss seeing unfold as well…Weed Dating! Fox News even came out to the farm to do a segment promoting the event. Was hoping the video would be available online but it has not yet been posted. Should be worth a few laughs with me and some fellow co-workers in the background pretending to be “weed dating.” For the daring folks who attend the actual event, I think they will be pleasantly surprised. I’ve had some very enlightening and stimulating conversations while weeding. More importantly, it is puts a fun spin on farming and gets more people in the community out in the fields and connected to their food. Whoever coined the term, “agritourism,” I’m sure they never envisioned weed dating would be added to the list. But to engage eaters, we need more ideas like this. Instead of Tupperware parties there could be planting parties or harvesting contests to see who can quart the most berries.

As for the rest of my time in Ohio…I’ve got a packed schedule. I’ll be attending the MotherEarth News Fair, taking a soil class at The Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania, attending a Food Summit in Detroit focused on fighting hunger and meeting with area farmers and others involved in the local food movement in NE Ohio. Should be a pretty vibrant next month so stay tuned!