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Trailing of the Sheep


I’m en route back from Ketchum, Idaho and a mountain bike weekend to celebrate my friend’s 40th birthday! It was four, glorious, fall-colored days where valley after valley intersected with groves of bright, golden aspens.

I’m sitting in the back of a VW Eurovan feeling like a passenger on a train as the high-desert landscape out my window flies past. Long-horizons and wide open spaces always move me to a place of deep thought and introspection. I love getting lost in those mind-wandering moments of a long. road trip.

With a few hours on my hand, I thought I would give the mobile app on my smart phone a try and make a remote, blog post …so far so good; as long as I don’t lose internet reception out here in the Nevada outback. I’m not going to push my luck and ramble on, however. Instead I will keep it simple with a video I shot as we left town this afternoon…

it was the 16th Annual Trailing of the Sheep, a weekend long event in Ketchum that celebrates the rich history and culture of sheep ranching culminating with a run of 1,500 sheep down Main St. as the sheep travel from the high country to their winter feeding grounds. We didn’t finish our ride till after 12pm and the parade had already begun. I was disappointed to think we had missed the time-honored tradition. But as we neared the end of the detour circumnavigating the event, we caught the sheep as they exited town and hit the trail for their long journey home. It was an exciting moment.

I’m a little out of breath during my commentary in the video below because I dashed from the car and ran up the hill when I realized we still had a chance to see the sheep making their celebratory pilgrimage.