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The Irony of Corn


I was sitting on the back stoop at friend’s BBQ the other night typewritering through an ear of corn. I commented on how much I love corn-on-the-cob. Others nodded in agreement mumbling words of happiness through kernel laced grins.

Then it occurred to me…We don’t mind respecting the seasonality of sweet corn anticipating it’s summer on a stick flavor in July & August; so why do we expect to see tomatoes in January or Asparagus in October? We don’t expect to see a ears of corn piled high in December.

The irony is…corn is one of the world’s largest commodity crops and is available all year-long in the processed form yet we dance and sing at its arrival each summer like a long lost friend. Granted, corn for eating and corn for high fructose corn syrup are different varieties, but the principle is the same…we know how to respect seasonality so why can’t we do this across the board for all fruits and vegetables?

Want a few more fun facts…sweet corn has more sugar than starch and must be eaten rather soon after harvest before all that sugar turns to starch. Corn for processed food is made from a tasteless field variety like “Yellow Dent Corn which has more starch than sugar and must be processed in order to be edible..