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When it comes to our country’s perception of food, this picture says it all, Price Chooper! A lot of supermarkets are using this approach to attract customers… Save Mart, Save-A-Lot and my personal favorite – Grocery Outlet! Terms like this cheapin food not only in cost but in perception. It creates an imprint so we associate food with finding the best deal versus the best quality. It’s not to say, you can’t find good deals on food grown sustainably but when you reduce the decision to just price, people forget to think about the story of their food. We should want to know the story of all the things we buy to make sure the materials were sourced consciously and the workers rights are being upheld. But for this discussion, we are talking about food. The stuff we put in our bodies to keep us alive. Come on people! You’ll pay over $100 for a pair of Jeans, $50 ever couple months for a haircut, $2.50 for an energy drink, etc… Shouldn’t we pay a little bit more for our food to know where it came from?