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Skin Track Dialogues

I’m a backcountry skier. It’s my winter passion and one of my favorite ways to enjoy nature. But to get to the top of the mountain, you have to hike up a long way. Most often you use what’s called “skins” which attach to the bottom of your skis and help you climb up the snow. You have a lot of time usually to talk with your ski partners sharing deep thoughts and discussing life’s mysteries. I call them the “skin track dialogues.” After my last post regarding, “food deserts,” I thought I would pose the question…”what can communities with little access to quality food do?” Here are a few more ideas…place special orders with a local general store or create a co-op with friends where you do group food buys. You could take it one step further and buy a whole cow with a group of friends. In spirit of a Tupperware party, have a food swap! Everyone brings enough of what they made for each person attending. For example, if there were 20 people who RSVP’d, I would bring 20 jars of pickled carrots. And someone else would bring 20 jars of preserves, etc…Digging a little deeper in the jar, we came up these ideas…host a cooking class either in a community center or your own house. If your area is affluent enough, you could start a private cheffing business to help people eat better. Either cooking them weekly meals they freeze or catering for a dinner party.