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Rerun: Gene Logsdon


Gene with one of his 16″ ears of corn

I feel truly honored, The Rodale Institute reposted one of my most favorite posts on their website today. It is an interview I did with Gene Logsdon entitled,”A Field day with Gene Logsdon.” It was originally published here at the Food Chronicles on October 2, 2011. Gene has been a mentor of mine throughout my food journey. I deeply respect his wisdom, writings and contributions to sustainable agriculture. Enjoy the rerun!

In 1974, a book of poems came across Gene Logsdon’s desk  while working for the Farm Journal in Philadelphia. He read four poems and closed the book. He got up from his desk and marched straight into his editor’s office and said, “I’m going on a trip.” “Where?” replied his editor.“ “To interview Wendell Berry!” The two have been good friends ever since. They are kindred, agrarian spirits. In Gene’s living room is a shelf of Wendell’s books. Below is a shelf of Gene’s books. “We have a friendly competition going.” says Gene with a smile.

I can relate to Gene’s affinity for Wendell’s writing. After reading an essay by Gene Logsdon in the book, “The New Agrarianism,” I knew I wanted to meet Gene. In no way, can I compare to his and Wendell’s literary excellence nor years of dedication to a pastoral life but his writing struck a chord with my food system aspirations and I knew I had to meet him. And that wish came true this past weekend…

To read the rest of the article got to the Rodale institute site, Click Here. Or go back through the Food Chronicle archives. But clicking the link is much easier, plus you get to visit the website of the premier research station on organic agriculture.