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On The Road Again


Left Colorado this morning after repairing a flat tire on the Tacoma (Quick side not…learned how to change a flat tire on a car. Finally! Only took 25 years. Thanks Zobbe for the lesson). I’m once again at my sweet little cafe in Baker, NV along Hwy 50 at the base of Great Basin National Park – Lectrolux Cafe and  Silver Jack Inn. It is the half way point back to Truckee. I sit outside on their front porch just past sunset. A summer rain has left the air humid. I look out across dark skies as crickets begin their evening song. The owner is selling his roadside diner and inn. I have half a brain to just sell my house and make a go of it turning this place into my little slice of heaven and giving weary travelers the best organic, locally grown food in the middle of nowhere. They won’t know what hit them. Visitors would leave with a conversation for at least the next 20 miles of their journey about the experience they had and wanting to be better connected to their food. Okay, gotta go. The mosquitoes are starting to make an organic meal out of me.