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Lavender Ridge – Reno, NV (photo courtesy of Lavender Ridge)

Lavender is a pretty likeable plant. It’s pretty to look at, smell and do stuff with. It is by far one of the most popular scents out there in everything from dish soap, candles, air fresheners, lotions and more.

In my second contribution to Edible Reno-Tahoe magazine, I had the fortune to look at little bit closer at this versatile shrub and the craze it has unleashed. Here is an excerpt from my article in the Summer 2012 issue about our local lavender farm in Reno, Lavender Ridge….

Every time I turn onto Mayberry Avenue off of West Fourth Street in Reno, I gaze at the lavender fields next to the charming, old farmhouse on the corner. Even from far away, the lavender’s medicinal properties help me relax and take a deep breath as I go about my day. When I finally slowed down and visited the farm, I discovered another beautiful patch in our community quilt.

Kristy and Mike Harris settled on Lavender Ridge in 1994, making a home for themselves and their two boys, Ryan and Cameron. In 1999, a family trip to New Zealand changed their homestead forever. What seemed like an innocuous tour of a lavender field ended up leaving a lasting impression on Kristy and Mike...You can read the rest of the article by visiting Edible Reno-Tahoe magazine!