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Knee High By the Fourth of July


I can remember my Mom using this saying, “knee high by the Fourth of July.” Pertains to how high corn should be if planted at the right time. I guess in some ways I’m knee high with where I am at on my food journey. But I’m still a long way till harvest. One thing I am though is detoxified. I dig greens and eat lots but I’ve had a salad at least once, if not twice, a day for the past month. It’s lead to less wheat and even dairy in my diet which is huge for me. I feel great! “Fasting” has never been for me. I know they work but not eating as a way to cleanse your body scares me. But by just eating a little cleaner, I feel like I got rid of all kinds of nasty toxins in my body. Now that I’ve been off the farm a couple days, I’m seeing some of my old carbo-loading ways starting to creep back in. I can see the hurdle for many people…as soon as the good food is not as accessible, you take what’s available and convenient. It demonstrates that we have to make conscious choices and asserted efforts to get happy food for our families. We make sure we leave 10-minutes early to stop and get coffee; we make sure we aren’t late to a doctors appointment. We also need to make sure we take the time to seek out food stores and restaurants that support our body and our community.

Idea for the day…Reflecting back upon my time on the farm, I feel very fortunate that I could volunteer full-time like I did. Working day after day allows you to become immersed noticing the little changes and connecting with the staff on a deeper level. It definitely enriched my experience. I would love for more people to have this same opportunity. Not just for their own self-development but so more farmers would have access to more volunteers. So here’s my idea…Some employers are starting to offer paid internship positions where employees can volunteer with enviro or social non-profits. What if farms were added to the list?? Employees could apply to their company’s internship program and get 2-4 weeks paid leave to volunteer on a farm. For a local foodshed to become more resilient the whole community needs to get involved. If businesses could subsidize a volunteer program for local farms, we could get more organic food on the table and more healthy, quality food to market.