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It Ain’t Cheap Folks!

Headed home after an east coast wedding. For this project it is great to visit different parts of America and see other perspectives of our food system. Universally, I’ve come to two conclusions as to why organic is not more readily accepted as being the right way…1) people think that organic isn’t able to feed the world and 2) people want to cheap food. I’ll start with #2…and it’s pretty simple: Food is NOT cheap. It takes a lot to grow and produce food. Until we understand that concept, will we be able to move forward. But our society has conditioned us to be price driven. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on a budget too and need to watch my money just like everyone. But I’ve decide to shop differently so I can make organic, seasonal and local choices in my food purchases. It means sacrificing some edible desires which our convenience based society has a hard time accepting. But when we waste 40% of our food in this country from surplus, it makes you wonder if we could have affordable, organic food if we stopped dumping most of what this countries grows.And that’s just one way.