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Here I come food


Today my Foodlust journey officially began. I left my hometown of Truckee, CA today at 12:30. Destination…Boulder, CO and the Abbondanza Organic Farm where I will intern for the next four weeks starting Monday the 6th. Today marks three years in the making and a promise to myself to get out there and see what I can do to help fix our food system. I have a lot to learn but excited for every experience, encounter and event. I’m about a third of the way to Boulder sitting in my favorite roadside cafe in Baker, NV (Lectrolux Cafe). Where? Baker is the sleepy little town at the base of America’s least visited national park, Great Basin National Park. The park intrigues me. It’s remote and quirky. Two things I love. And the road you take to get here is also my favorite highway, Hwy 50. People either love it or hate the drive. I’m on the extreme end of loving it. The wide open spaces between mountain ranges lets my mind soar. It allows me to exhale all my worries and be filled with hope and possibility. Before I start getting too philosophical, I’ll just say…it’s a pretty magical road. And the perfect way to start my trip.