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Arrived back into Truckee jonesin’ for a Burger Me burger. They source their meat from local ranches where the cows roam free on grassy pastures. And they proudly display the relationships they have with their food producers on the chalkboard. It’s food you can feel good about. Restaurants and markets should be proud to tell their stories. If your local eatery doesn’t wear it’s sources on its sleeve, then ask, “where do you get your meat?” If you get a blank stare in response, chances are your meat didn’t have a happy ending. All food has a story. And if its good food, it will be a good story – who doesn’t like a good story?? Perhaps a local gal makes jam from fruit grown within 100 miles. Maybe the new farmer at the farmer’s market use to work on Wall Street till he gave it all up to own and operate an organic farm. Even if it is box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese, there is a story you can feel good about. The more we demand transparency from our food producers, the better the stories will become. Those with foodlust are good story tellers. And the people who grow our food should have foodlust. If they don’t, we should be concerned because it’s not food they are producing its just fuel for the “machine.” Get the full story!