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Get Fired Up!


Stephen Ritz (left) with two of his students. Click for Stephen’s TED talk.


If you need a little inspiration on how to make a difference, go no further than Stephen Ritz’s TED talk! If it doesn’t get you fired up nothing else will!

He talks fast but you don’t miss a single word because he doesn’t muddle the topic by spewing random facts and linking big words. He speaks the truth!

Stephen is a teacher in the South Bronx who is not only empowering kids with growing food and creating a business with their edible walls but helping these students realize how they can make their community better for themselves, their families and their future! He isn’t just using a systems-based learning model to teach kids about our connection to food but our connection to community!

Thanks to my friend Deb for sharing this video. I’m  now I’m passing it forward! Seriously…watch and be amazed at what one person can do. What’s your “edible wall”?