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Foodlust – Part II


Today I arrived at the campus of UCSC (University of California – Santa Cruz) and the home of the Community Agroecology Network at the Sustainable Living Center. For the next two weeks, I will be engaged in a course focused on this very topic, Agroecology. It’s a new word for many but in simplest terms it is the study of agricultural ecosystems. It involves taking a holistic approach to agriculture looking at the environmental, the societal and the economic variables to make a food system sustainable. As humans we need to see the world around us as our ecosystem and the important role that agriculture plays in sustaining our environment and our communities. The goal of the course is to evaluate all these variables creating a blue print which will transform how we grow, produce and distribute food into a more sustainable system. 32 people from around the world have gathered together coming as far as China, Mexico, Columbia, Nicaragua and Canada. Guiding us are leaders in this field and at those at the forefront of the sustainable food movement. Tomorrow begins an intense program but I say, “Pour on the information!” I’m ready to help transform our food economy.