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Today was Shanan’s birthday (center). Lucky girl was born on the Solstice! We took a long lunch and fired up the brick oven to make pizzas in celebration. In the picture to the left is my farm family. Clockwise starting from guy in the gray t-shirt (upper left): Jesse, Oliver, Jared, Rob, Ben, Austin, Me, Spencer, Shanan, Rich and Dylan. We somehow mustered enough energy to go back out in the fields after lunch to plant some baby lettuce. It was the perfect post feast exercise…social and routine. Rich, the owner, is always sharing educational nuggets or words of wisdom. We’ll be walking the rows of vegetables and he’ll survey the the crops making comments like a guide in a wildlife preserve, “Over there we have the melons. See how they’re vines have grown two feet in a week. They’re ready to push. We’ll see melons soon.” Or this afternoon, we are placing the lettuce starters in the ground and he starts talking about how much he loves planting for it’s meditative, peaceful motion, “Planting is like walking with your hands!” At the end of the day, I stopped to visit with one of the new chicken families on the farm. Here’s the chicken cam.