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Connecting the Dots of Occupy Planet Earth


A global map of Occupy movements on 10/15: http://map.15october.net/

Whether you are still uncertain about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations or you want to better understand it’s scope and share its message, read this article by Chip Ward on TomDispatch.com. It does a great job of drawing the parallels between the economic and the environmental concerns of the 99% campaign. Here’s a synopsis…

The Occupy Movement  has the potential to embody any issue where the needs of markets and corporations are put above the needs of the people and the planet. Chip’s article shows how  “environmental quality and economic inequality are joined at the hip.” He points to our economy’s “bottom-line, quarterly-report fixation on profitability.” “When there’s money to be made, both workers and the environment are expendable,” he exclaims! He describes the consequential ecological and social injustices that are encountered as “the price of doing business.” Perhaps if “the barons of the chemical and nuclear industries lived next to the radioactive or toxic-waste dumps that their corporations create,” things would be different. Chip goes on to say, “Polluters routinely walk away from the ground they poison and expect taxpayers to clean up after them. By ‘externalizing‘ such costs, profits are increased.”

Our capitalistic society can be both a blessing and a curse. Chip talks about the underpin of our economy, growth…”The fundamental contradiction of our time is this: We have built an all-encompassing economic engine that requires unending growth.” He concludes by saying, “It’s hard to imagine how we’ll address our converging ecological crises without first addressing the way accumulating wealth and power has captured the political system.”

Thanks Chip for your voice!