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It’s only day three of my Boulder experiment and I feel totally at home. Living close to a downtown area, you feel the soul of a community. Its chest rises and falls like a living creature and you can fell the life which unites neighbors, merchants, students, artists, etc. Boulder’s reputation as a vibrant and colorful community is no secret. There are a lot of wonderful communities like my own in Truckee, CA but Boulder is the quintessential community. So many people live in such close proximity to the downtown area that it pulls more people from the perimeter to participate in the daily flow. And flow it does. So much activity and engagement! Community will be an important thread in this blog because community will be key to solving a lot of our nation’s problems. Localizing economies will make communities more resilient so they can provide, support and sustain themselves whether it be creating jobs and building infrastructure or sourcing energy and growing food.