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Boots on the Ground


After two and a half months in Ohio, I return to Tahoe to get boots on the ground. It’s time to take what I’ve learned over the past five months and start working within my community to build a more sustainable food future.

From a farm in Boulder and an agroecology course in Santa Cruz to farm in Oberlin and a whole bunch in between, I’m ready to see what this ole’girl can do. All the information I’ve gathered is simmering in my brain waiting to be unleashed. I’m inspired by the opportunities I see in front of me and the different directions my work could take me…I may work with a food co-op to build farmer relations boosting local, food production and aggregating it through a regional distribution hub. I may work with a food bank to increase programs which address food access in rural areas. I may work with local business and town councils to stimulate local economy with new food businesses and pursue incentives which actively shift 20% of a community’s purchases to local enterprise. I may work with local food-related organizations looking to expand their mission and help them harness the bubbling energy and interest that surrounds sustainably produced food. Or…I may just get a plot of land and start farming. Only tomorrow will tell. Either way, the adventure has only begun!