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April Harvest


Truckee Community Farm is green with harvest – April 16, 2012

The grow dome and the Truckee Community Farm received its first news article! Read the entire story in our local paper at the Sierra Sun, click here.

The story wasn’t so much about the grow dome’s unique structure but rather how its design enabled an April harvest in a mountain climate which could be donated to the local hunger relief agency and supplement their food distribution.

It is definitely raising eyebrows in our community for what’s possible in agriculture. If you are wondering what the reporter means by “clothes dryer” in the first paragraph, I was telling her how some farmers use not only large lettuce spinners to clean the greens but clothes dryer when on the low-delicate setting. I took a short video of an example this summer when I was at a farm that had one. Here’s the video for the clothes dryer lettuce spinner.