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Airport Woes

I’m traveling back East today for a friend’s wedding and by far one of the most stressful parts of traveling and moving through airports is finding something to eat that you feel half decent about. I brought my own snacks but when I travel, I get seriously hungry – more so than when I’m active. I eventually need to buy something more. You get that dehydrated, anemic feeling. Guess I should just bring more food…lesson to self. Airports are trying to offer more “healthy” choices these days but a far as how the food is sourced is another question. You know it’s not organic and most likely not local. But a vendor that prepares a fresh, mixed salad in theory seems healthier than other options. But is it?? Then you see the overweight kid mackin’ on McDonalds and then all of sudden you are overwhelmed by the larger picture…there is a huge elephant in the room that we need to talk about. And a system not only in crisis but one that is so rooted that it makes you wonder if it will ever change. But we have to believe and that’s what I hope to figure out and change.