TAHOE FOOD HUB is a 501(c)-3, non-profit organization. Our mission is to galvanize our community to build a regional, sustainable and equitable food system.

We are supporting regenerative agriculture and addressing local food access challenges at a systems level by creating a local food system for the Lake Tahoe/Reno area. A local food system addresses the needs of diversified, family farms who are looking for fair market opportunities while increasing access to local food for our mountain community.

We have a network of more than 50 farms and ranches within 150-miles of North Lake Tahoe. Our fair trade marketplace makes it easy for restaurants, small grocers, resorts, schools and the public to access these local food producers. We are committed to reducing food insecurity by sourcing food regionally and ensuring equal access while exploring ways to grow food locally using 4-season growing techniques at our Sierra Agroecology Center.

Check out our food system here.

  • Harvest to Order

    • Harvest to Order



    Our Goals
    • 1
      Support Diversified, Family Farms

      By building a local food system, we provide a fair marketplace where small farms can access new markets.

    • 2
      Create Access to Local, Sustainable Food

      By working with farmers who practice regenerative and ecological farming techniques, we can bring good healthy, nutritious food to our community.

    • 3
      Increase Food Security

      By teaching people how to grow food locally, we can harness Tahoe's 280+ days of sunlight using 4-season growing techniques and increase our food security for an otherwise non-agricultural area.

    Our Blog
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