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Side Hill Citrus

2378.320.260 Lincoln, California

Farmer: Rich Ferriera


I am Rich Ferreira, owner of Side Hill Citrus in Lincoln, California. I live on my Placer County mandarin ranch with my two beautiful daughters. Our ranch hand Danny and his family also live on the Side Hill Citrus ranch.

In 1975, I bought the original 17 acre ranch with only 100 Satsuma mandarin orange trees. Today Side Hill Citrus has grown to 48 acres and over 2,000 Satsuma mandarin orange trees. Together Danny and I do everything needed to run the ranch and grow these sweet, seedless and easy to peel citrus fruit.

Please take a moment to learn more about my family and the history of the Side Hill Citrus ranch, our organic growing practices, and how you can purchase our fresh, delicious, seedless, organic mandarin oranges.