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Mountain Bounty Farm


Nevada City, CA

Farmer: John Tecklin and Angie Tomey


Mountain Bounty Farm is located on the San Juan Ridge in the Sierra Nevada foothills, 20 minutes from Nevada City and Grass Valley. Mountain Bounty Farm is the oldest and largest CSA farm in Nevada County. Founder John Tecklin has been farming since the early 1990’s and started Mountain Bounty in 1997.  The farm is nestled in fertile fields at two sites that are less than 2 miles from the Yuba River. Our  “home” fields are just off of Purdon road and our newer large field is on Birchville road.  We grow a diverse mixture of vegetables and flowers for our 500 member CSA program. We also participate in the Nevada City farmers market on Saturday mornings beginning in June.

We aim to provide a reliable local source of the highest quality produce for Nevada County residents, and to work towards the economic sustainability of our rural community. We also want the farm to be a place of inspiration and beauty, a place to reconnect to food and the joys of food culture. We hope that Mountain Bounty will be a farm to celebrate, a farm that you help create and sustain for the future.

We choose not to be certified organic. Organic certification is expensive and difficult for a small very diverse farm like ours. We believe that our produce is much cleaner, fresher, and tastier than most certified organic produce available in stores due to our time-proven farming methods, clean well water, and remote location. We use cover crops, compost, organic soil amendments, and careful tillage to protect and enhance soil fertility. For pest control, we rely primarily on our ability to grow healthy crops, special plantings that attract beneficial insects, and the plants’ natural defenses. We generally have very little problem with pests and our produce is luscious and tasty!  We welcome questions about our growing practices. Please call or send us an email and we will tell you exactly how we do it.