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Dinner Bell Farm

DinnerBellFarm_group photo2 Farmers: Paul Glowaski and Molly Nakahara


Animal Welfare Approved! Dinner Bell Farm is a partnership of friends farming in Chicago Park, CA, a lovely agricultural community just outside of Grass Valley.  They run a 45 acre, diverse farming operation specializing in pasture raised, heritage breed chickens.  They also raise Mangalitsa and Mulefoot pigs, grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as specialty cut flowers. They farm because they love this earth and believe that ecological agriculture is part of the solution.  They farm because they believe that nutritionally dense food is a human right.  They farm because they KNOW that there is a better way to treat the animals we eat.  They farm to grow the foods that grace the tables of you and your loved ones.  Selling their product at the auburn farmers market, as well as  through an online market.

At Dinner Bell Farm, our aim is to create a diverse farming system that focuses on soil health and regeneration. We grow thick stands of cover crop which are tilled into the spring soils. We pasture our animals across the farm, fully integrating the ecosystem services they offer (weed control, soil building, integrated pest management) into the production of our fruit, vegetable and flower crops. We are avid naturalists and spend time identifying and observing the wild animals, plants, insects and fungi that also call Dinner Bell Farm home. Farming with integrity within a wild system takes time, humility and flexibility and is a challenge we accept wholeheartedly.

A huge part of farming is the human hands, feet, backs, eyes and hearts that tend the animals and sow the crops. We are committed to a just and healthy work environment for all of those people who help and will help to sow, plant, weed, move, feed, harvest, arrange, and sell the bounty that eventually graces your dinner tables.

Primary crops: heritage chicken and pork. Specialty cut flowers. Hot and ethnic sweet peppers (some varieties we love: Padron, Shishito, Jimmy Nardello, Czech Black, Bulgarian Carrot, Carmen, and Tiburon), salad mix and cutting greens (mizuna, arugula), baby head lettuce (yum!), okra, and strawberries.