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The Tahoe Food Hub buys from small-scale fruit and vegetable farmers. All producers must apply and be accepted as a qualified producer of the Tahoe Food Hub demonstrating they follow sustainable farming methods and employee good agricultural practices.

The Tahoe Food Hub is committed to providing an equitable marketplace for all those along its value-based supply chain starting with a fair price for farmers and ending with equal access for its consumers. Integral to the food hub’s mission is preserving the farmer’s identity sharing the story of the producer to better connect people with where their food comes from. By strengthening the farmer to eater relationship, the social economic benefits of a local, food system will be realized.


Have food to sell?

If you are a farm within 100-miles of Truckee, CA and are interested in selling to the Tahoe Food Hub, please contact us! The Tahoe Food Hub will help you access new markets and diversify your distribution channels. We work with our producers on production planning and coordinate harvests to meet the demand of our wholesale buyers. The Tahoe Food Hub wants to help small farms and ranches go beyond traditional direct to consumer models and participate in a regional marketplace where we can represent you and get you a fair price.